A four year full time professional course with the objective of imparting technical pharmacy knowledge to science students is strictly carried out as per the norms and syllabus framed by university of Pune.

The course of study in each subject would extend over to period of at least 25 weeks in a year excluding days spent in examination

Internal assessment

At least three sessional exams are held each year.  Sessional marks will be calculated as the average of the best two performances at these exams.  These marks will be submitted to the university before commencement of the university exams.

University Exams

The exams will be conducted by university at the end of each academic year; the nomenclature of these exams shall be as follows –

1.First Year B. Pharm.

2.Second Year B. Pharm.

3.Third Year B. Pharm.

4.Final Year B. Pharm.

Student has to go through one month Inplant training in a pharmaceutical industry after third year B. Pharm.

Supplementary exams will also be conducted in the month of Nov/Dec of every year.


A candidate failing in the examination will be allowed to carry a backlog of any two theory heads & any two practical heads next year. A candidate must pass these four subjects independently or simultaneously at the next examination. The term ‘subject’ means separate for both theory and Practical.

A failing/ATKT candidate who has passed in a particular subject may, at his/her option, be exempted from appearing in that subject at a subsequent examination.

No candidate will be admitted to third Year B. Pharm unless he/she has passed the First Year B. Pharm Examination.

No candidate will be admitted to Final Year B. Pharm. unless he/she has passed in all subject of Second Year B.Pharm Examination.

Passing Rules

To pass for all the examinations in B. Pharm course, candidate must have obtained:

a) 40% of the marks in theory (excluding sessional marks) and 45% of the marks in Practical (excluding sessional marks) separately in each subject.

b)In addition he/she must have obtained at least 50% of the total marks assigned to the whole examination. A candidate who has passed in a subject may, at his option, be exempted from appearing in that subject at a subsequent examination.