The Institute follows rules, regulations and norms prescribed by university of Pune.  Some of these are highlighted like:

a) Attendance 

Students are required to maintain 75% of attendance in theory as well as practicals for each subject.  Failure to meet this may disqualify candidate from university examination.

b) Discipline

In addition to abiding by the rules of discipline prescribed by institute, students are expected to maintain grace, dignity and decorum. Infringement of code of conduct or rules of discipline would result in cancellation of admission or not granting terms or suspension or monetary fines.  Decision of competent authority will be final.

c) Ragging :

  1. Maharashtra prohibition of Ragging Act 1999 which is with effect from 15th May 1999 has the following provision for action against ragging.
  2. Ragging within or outside of any educational institute is prohibited.
  3. Whosoever directly or indirectly commits, participates in, or propagates ragging within or outside any institute shall, on conviction, be punished with imprisonment for term up to two years and /or penalty, which may extend to 10,000 rupees.
  4. Any student convicted of an offence of ragging shall be dismissed from the institute and such student shall not be admitted in any other educational institute for a period of 5 years.
  5. Whenever any student or parent or guardian or teacher complaints in writing, of ragging to the head of institute, the head of institute shall, within 7 days of receipt of complaint, inquire into the matter mentioned in the complaint.
  6. If head of institute fails or neglects to act in the manner specified in the above section “d”, when complaint of ragging is made, such person shall be deemed to have abetted the offence and shall, on conviction, be punished as provided in section “B”.

d) Hostel Discipline:

  1. Students should not indulge in any act of indiscipline and misbehavior, which will defame the institute.
  2. Students should not indulge in ragging which is cognizable offence.  In case found guilty in above acts may be impelled from hostel and the institute.